• Install front door lock system at reception area.
  • Do not work late by yourself.
  • When you approach your car check the area around your car for someone hiding next to or behind it, as well as front and back seats of your car before getting in.
  • Lock your car as soon as you get in - before you buckle your seat belt.
  • If you notice any strangers hanging around the parking lot, notify security or the police.
  • Use closed circuit television cameras to support public safety operations and combat crime on and near office building.
  • Developers and management of each building will have to identify their specific security needs, starting by conducting a risk assessment.
  • Establishing some sense of “psychological ownership” and responsibility among building tenants and employees so as to increase their vigilance.
  • Owners / operators taking steps to ensure that the building looks well cared-for and crime-free in such areas as lighting, paint, signage and the prompt repair of broken or defaced items.
  • Where there are more than 75 employees, or there is high turnover in employees, then use of a building or tenant issued photo ID card for visual screening is recommended.
  • After your business is closed use Access control, alarm systems, fire alart system, CCTV / DVR camera systems and/or a private security officer.

What is right for me?
There are many camera & other security devices available. We are security device / system provider in Mumbai ( Bombay ) India. Best solution is as follows:

  1. Fingerprint Lock
  2. Intelligent Lock Sytem
  3. CCTV Camera, Dome & Box Camera
  4. DVR (Digital Video Recorder)


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Solution for your Office

Intelligent Lock System

CCTV Camera

Dome Camera

Box Camera

DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

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