Your society is like your home. You need to be aware of those situations and times when you are most at risk of being burglarized.

  • Install Access Control Device, CCTV Camera & Digital Video Recorder etc.
  • A smoke, heat or water detector can help to protect your inventory and property from unforeseen disasters.
  • Camera system enhance safety in your building or parking lot.
  • Ideal place for a camera: reception areas, stairwells, back doors, off-site buildings, parking area, garden etc.
  • Install motion sensitive lights as well as constant outside lighting.
  • Cooperate with all other tenants in keeping the main outer doors locked at all times.
  • If a suspicious person enters the elevator, exit before the doors close.
  • Make sure that all entrances to the society building are under constant visual surveillance.
  • If you lose your keys, you should replace your lock.
  • Always lock your car and use a anti-theft device such as a steering wheel lock or alarm. Don't leave bags or property visible when leaving your car parked.
  • Ask for identification, or verify who they are before letting anyone in your society premises.

What is right for me?
There are many camera & other security devices available. We are security device / system provider in Mumbai ( Bombay ) India. Best solution is as follows:

  1. Video Door Phone
  2. CCTV Camera, Dome & Box Camera
  3. DVR (Digital Video Recorder)


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Solution for your Society

Video Door Phone

CCTV Camera

Dome Camera

Box Camera

DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

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